What is All Eczema Treatment blog?

Why we created this blog? All eczema treatment is a simple blog or a place that serves a variety of information which is associated with abnormalities of the skin including eczema disease. In my opinion, not everyone knows what eczema is, and what form of eczema. Here we will share the information about eczema together, I hope you will be helped by the existence of this blog and if you are one of those who have diseases and disorders of eczema, you can share your thoughts on this page. Let's look together.

What is eczema? Do you ever heard about it?

Based on the various sources I've visited, Eczema comes from the Greek word "ekzein", ekzein in Greek itself means boiling.

eczema on baby

Is eczema really like boiling water? Of course not, a lot of things that happen to a person with eczema skin. In essence, eczema is a condition of the skin which becomes dry and there are other signs such as itching and flushing. Eczema in fact is not a contagious disease like herpes and aids, but purely on a person's skin disorder and it is not contagious to others.

Symptoms of eczema symptoms

As we all know, eczema is an abnormal condition of the skin, the symptoms of eczema can easily be found. Now check your skin condition, if your skin feels very thick, dry, itchy, red, or also bleeding, you have to be vigilant, it probably one of the symptoms of eczema. Eczema can affect everyone, even in baby and children.
eczema on hand
Although eczema in my opinion is not a dangerous disease, but these abnormalities may recur in the future, if you have recovered from eczema, you should still take care of your skin, stay away from bacteria and keep healthy of lifestyle.

Eczema usually affects all of humanity and of all ages, baby, children aged 2 year are most and adults can be affected by eczema. In some countries in Europe such as in the UK, 20 percent of children and also about 5% of adults suffer from eczema, this looks scary does not it? We have to really know what the causes of eczema and how to cure it.

Types of eczema and how to cure it

There is one type of eczema is called Etopic eczema, what is Etopic eczema? Etopic eczema is one type of the eczema disease that usually comre from genetic factors as well as external factors, lifestyle. How do I know the healthy skin, and skin which affected by eczema? As we have mentioned earlier in this article, the affected skin eczema usually experience several symptoms such as itching, hardened skin, redness, and sometimes bleeding if we often scratch it. Our skin usually resilient to interference from outside, our skin also has several layers to block the entry of bacteria into the skin. In addition, to maintain healthy skin, our body also issued natural moist that to make the skin does not become dry. Some of the cells in our skin can save water, so that the skin remains moist, and when cells can’t work properly, it would be easy to make skin become dry and the bacteria will easy to life, that's where the eczema rise.

Dry skin can be caused by many factors, soap, dry weather conditions can also make the cells of our skin protector, it could be damaged. The point is, if we want to be free of eczema, we should be able to maintain the health condition of our skin, keeping bacteria and others?

How to treat eczema?

There are many things that we can do to treat eczema, but because the post will be very long, so I will only give an headline only, but do not worry, you can see it in full on my next article. But you should know, drugs (ointments, creams) that contain corticosteroids such hydrokortison is good to treat eczema, we can use it to reduce the inflammation. Based from severe cases, your doctor may give corticosteroid tablets and if the eczema was infected area then it can be given antibiotics to kill the bacteria which causing the infection. See you in the next post.

Eczema in Babies - Symptoms and Treatments

Eczema in babies has make so many parents become anxious, they usually did not know that the eczema is not a real big problem for us, but eczema disease is one of the common problem in babies and we can cure it and we also can prevent it.

Eczema Symptoms and Treatments

Symptoms of eczema in general including; red spot on the skin of a baby, flaky, dry and more. The skin of a baby is become red and like crust, these symptoms are usually seen on the cheeks, back, buttocks and other parts. Not all the babies experience eczema disorder, but in general, young babies is quite a frequent emergence of eczema.

Eczema in baby is not uncommon, and this happens often. However, because many people who do not know about this problem, then it can worsen eczema and looks very bad for most parents. We must ensure that our baby is not only affected by eczema and other diseases, for that, in the early stages, you can ask the doctor or to friends and other who have experience about eczema.

As I have explained in the first words of this page, eczema also called as dermatitis, if you find the dermatitis word, you should know that it is eczema. The common characteristics of eczema is emerging layer of damaged skin, the incidence of red spots, sometimes accompanied by itching, and usually affected skin layer, it also very dry and feels very rough.

Eczema in babies often arise in a hidden area or in the folds of skin, why does this happen? This is because, normally hidden skin often becomes damp, moist curing can grow bacteria and irritation, this is the reason why the area like the neck and the baby's bottom is an area that is often the discovery of eczema.

Eczema is strongly associated with cells called ceramides, if the body produces not much of of ceramides, the the eczema symptoms can appear. You need to know that ceramides are fat cells that helps to provide protection to the skin, including to help the baby's skin. The skin will lose moisture and will also be very dry, it will happen if your body does not have enough cells ceramides. Heredity is a major factor when baby have eczema, if your parent had a history of eczema, then the babies are much more likely to be affected as well.

How to Cure Eczema in a Baby

Actually, eczema in babies can heal itself, but if your baby has severe eczema, then you should take care of it properly. To cure eczema, you can see my article on this page - eczema treatment.

How about the treatment of eczema in babies? We must be careful of the baby's skin, this is because the baby's skin is still very thin. If your baby has dermatitis, you should keep your baby's skin moisture, dry the wet parts of the baby's body, and coat it with baby powder. Do this as often as possible, because if your baby's skin is wet, I was worried that it would be easy to peel skin, and the resulting bacteria.

Use clothing that is soft and safe for the baby, because the friction on the baby's skin, could cause injury if it happens often. Avoid shampoos and soaps, which have ingredients that are harmful to the baby's skin.

Remember, a baby's bottom, neck, and other skin folds, is very susceptible to eczema, excessive sweating can also cause problems in the baby, to make sure everything is dry. Do not forget to bathe the baby regularly in order to keep baby's skin healthy and well maintained.

The best treatment of eczema in baby is on parents hands, the first help that we can do to treat baby eczema is to make sure that their skin is 100% dry and avoid the wet skins, prevent the skin from irritation, use powder to keep it comfortable. If you want to know the natural eczema treatment, you can found it on this guide. Good luck

Eczema Treatment for a Baby, for Hand and Face

This is the complete guide about eczema treatment for a baby, for hand and also for face. We will use a natural ingredients such as galangal, turmeric, or also whiting. You should know that, eczema is triggered by a variety of factors, such as enumerated by chemicals, soaps that do not match, the weather, even the foods that cause allergy, such as the fish and meat. Therefore, I want you to stay away from the cause of the coming of eczema, once you know the cause, you can cure eczema calmly.

When we use chemical ingredients, it will danger for a baby even for a sensitive skin, so I recommended you to use the natural ingredients only, it's easy to use, easy to find and we can do treat anytime in our home, lets begin.

These are some of the ingredient that we can use, we can find it in your kitchen, if you find it difficult to find it, you can buy it through online, I found a seller of natural ingredients there.

How to make a natural cream for eczema

It's is easy to make eczema cream from natural ingredients. Take a turmeric and then clean it up from a dirt or bacteria, and then do it also to galangal with clean water. Both of ingredients then pulverized, and then mix it with the whiting. How to use this herb? well it easy really easy, you can do it as like you use a cream. Paste the herb on the skin area that affected by eczema, use gauze so it will keep dry and avoid from water or wet.Do these treatments regularly, please stay away from soap or other chemical material.

eczema treatment with turmeric

Please note that if you want to keep healthy and stay away from any skin disease, you can consume lot of green vegetable, it will make your body keep health and fresh. There are a lot of good food to help us on treating eczema, tofu, spinach, liver, tomatoes and milk are also really great for us.

There is also another herb than can help us from eczema, that is using coconut oil, yam and sulfur flour. Combine the sulfur flour with seed of yam, make it like a powder and the mix it with coconut oil. This ingredient can help you on treating eczema, please use this herb twice a day.

eczema treatment with sulfur flour

It's easy to treat your eczema right? but if you want more than it, there is a good guide about curing eczema, this guide will show you on treating eczema on baby, on the hand, on the face and many things, just check this guide in this post. Good luck !!

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