Eczema in Babies - Symptoms and Treatments

Eczema in babies has make so many parents become anxious, they usually did not know that the eczema is not a real big problem for us, but eczema disease is one of the common problem in babies and we can cure it and we also can prevent it.

Eczema Symptoms and Treatments

Symptoms of eczema in general including; red spot on the skin of a baby, flaky, dry and more. The skin of a baby is become red and like crust, these symptoms are usually seen on the cheeks, back, buttocks and other parts. Not all the babies experience eczema disorder, but in general, young babies is quite a frequent emergence of eczema.

Eczema in baby is not uncommon, and this happens often. However, because many people who do not know about this problem, then it can worsen eczema and looks very bad for most parents. We must ensure that our baby is not only affected by eczema and other diseases, for that, in the early stages, you can ask the doctor or to friends and other who have experience about eczema.

As I have explained in the first words of this page, eczema also called as dermatitis, if you find the dermatitis word, you should know that it is eczema. The common characteristics of eczema is emerging layer of damaged skin, the incidence of red spots, sometimes accompanied by itching, and usually affected skin layer, it also very dry and feels very rough.

Eczema in babies often arise in a hidden area or in the folds of skin, why does this happen? This is because, normally hidden skin often becomes damp, moist curing can grow bacteria and irritation, this is the reason why the area like the neck and the baby's bottom is an area that is often the discovery of eczema.

Eczema is strongly associated with cells called ceramides, if the body produces not much of of ceramides, the the eczema symptoms can appear. You need to know that ceramides are fat cells that helps to provide protection to the skin, including to help the baby's skin. The skin will lose moisture and will also be very dry, it will happen if your body does not have enough cells ceramides. Heredity is a major factor when baby have eczema, if your parent had a history of eczema, then the babies are much more likely to be affected as well.

How to Cure Eczema in a Baby

Actually, eczema in babies can heal itself, but if your baby has severe eczema, then you should take care of it properly. To cure eczema, you can see my article on this page - eczema treatment.

How about the treatment of eczema in babies? We must be careful of the baby's skin, this is because the baby's skin is still very thin. If your baby has dermatitis, you should keep your baby's skin moisture, dry the wet parts of the baby's body, and coat it with baby powder. Do this as often as possible, because if your baby's skin is wet, I was worried that it would be easy to peel skin, and the resulting bacteria.

Use clothing that is soft and safe for the baby, because the friction on the baby's skin, could cause injury if it happens often. Avoid shampoos and soaps, which have ingredients that are harmful to the baby's skin.

Remember, a baby's bottom, neck, and other skin folds, is very susceptible to eczema, excessive sweating can also cause problems in the baby, to make sure everything is dry. Do not forget to bathe the baby regularly in order to keep baby's skin healthy and well maintained.

The best treatment of eczema in baby is on parents hands, the first help that we can do to treat baby eczema is to make sure that their skin is 100% dry and avoid the wet skins, prevent the skin from irritation, use powder to keep it comfortable. If you want to know the natural eczema treatment, you can found it on this guide. Good luck