Eczema Treatment for a Baby, for Hand and Face

This is the complete guide about eczema treatment for a baby, for hand and also for face. We will use a natural ingredients such as galangal, turmeric, or also whiting. You should know that, eczema is triggered by a variety of factors, such as enumerated by chemicals, soaps that do not match, the weather, even the foods that cause allergy, such as the fish and meat. Therefore, I want you to stay away from the cause of the coming of eczema, once you know the cause, you can cure eczema calmly.

When we use chemical ingredients, it will danger for a baby even for a sensitive skin, so I recommended you to use the natural ingredients only, it's easy to use, easy to find and we can do treat anytime in our home, lets begin.

These are some of the ingredient that we can use, we can find it in your kitchen, if you find it difficult to find it, you can buy it through online, I found a seller of natural ingredients there.

How to make a natural cream for eczema

It's is easy to make eczema cream from natural ingredients. Take a turmeric and then clean it up from a dirt or bacteria, and then do it also to galangal with clean water. Both of ingredients then pulverized, and then mix it with the whiting. How to use this herb? well it easy really easy, you can do it as like you use a cream. Paste the herb on the skin area that affected by eczema, use gauze so it will keep dry and avoid from water or wet.Do these treatments regularly, please stay away from soap or other chemical material.

eczema treatment with turmeric

Please note that if you want to keep healthy and stay away from any skin disease, you can consume lot of green vegetable, it will make your body keep health and fresh. There are a lot of good food to help us on treating eczema, tofu, spinach, liver, tomatoes and milk are also really great for us.

There is also another herb than can help us from eczema, that is using coconut oil, yam and sulfur flour. Combine the sulfur flour with seed of yam, make it like a powder and the mix it with coconut oil. This ingredient can help you on treating eczema, please use this herb twice a day.

eczema treatment with sulfur flour

It's easy to treat your eczema right? but if you want more than it, there is a good guide about curing eczema, this guide will show you on treating eczema on baby, on the hand, on the face and many things, just check this guide in this post. Good luck !!

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